Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holy Shit Holidays!

The economy is in the shitter and everyone I know has been working OT to get that cheddah. The problem now isn’t how much to spend, but when and where to shop. Let’s face it, all that planning and budgeting and list making doesn’t mean a damn thing in the final stretch. There’s always someone you miss and if you work in retail, no time to shop during normal hours. Quick and simple is my motto, wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

Years working behind the counter have made me a pro at holiday shopping in a jam. I know you hate when you get a gift because it’s "soooo funny" and to avoid that item at all costs - (This year? squirrel underpants....I agree...not funny) - here I am, desperate last minute shoppers, passing my knowledge on to you in hopes that someone out there will heed my advice and maybe, just maybe, get one less shitty gift.

Gun Ashtray

We all smoke something sometimes.
(Alphabets NY 115 ave A)

Cheer in a Box

Giving an ornament as a gift is a no-brainer, but giving one worth hanging on their tree, not grandma’s (sorry nana), that’s a challenge. I hate to give credit to the regurgitating hipster monster that is Urban Outfitters, but sometimes they do it right. Their selection of ornaments is off the chain with something for everyone. Diet coke can? check. Glittering handgun? check. Absolutely amazing sparkling Hello Kitty? check and already on my tree.
(Urban Outfitters around the globe)


Some girls ooze glamour at all times. I’m a fuckin’ train wreck until I’ve had my delectable first cup of coffee. Faux diamonds in the morning brings out the glamourpuss in me. Help out a girl you love and bring some class back to breakfast.
(Alphabets NYC 115 Ave A)


Know a guy who thinks he has everything? Hates everything? Just a snob? Hit up Nort/Recon and surprise him with some kicks or a tee that he has to like.
(Nort/Recon NYC 359 Lafayette St.)

XOXO and happy shopping my lovelys
-Amanda S

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Anonymous said...

i totally came in and got the gun ashtray for a friend today, great ideas!