Friday, July 31, 2009


Bring It Back!

Pizza Parties were the place I danced to LaBouche (I wanna get into motion a better devotion), kissed my first girl, puffed my first joint, chugged my first Smirnoff Iced and then mimicked my Spanish teacher having an orgasm on a crowded Subway car, red sauce staining the sides of my mouth. Pizza Parties in Two Boots Den of Cin I saw Empire Records and I Know What You Did Last Summer, fell in love, snapped a studded wrist band stolen from St. Mark's around my girlfriend's wrist to show we were forever, hated my artist dad for dressing in clothes he'd found in dumpsters when he came to pick me up too early. Pizza Parties were staples of celebration, children's food that crossed over into adulthood, changing as I grew. From Pepperoni to Andouille, extra cheese to more difficult life choices.

Pizza Parties. Bring it Back?


Pretty Song Fridays

I love Pandora. It makes me feel relevant again, as a modern-day music-lover who doesn't understand how to keep adrift when there is a new band popping up every second; and even more confused by the fact that the new band will have ten atrocious songs and one beautiful little gem tucked in the album waiting to completely entrance me (you?) me.
Here is my pretty song pick of the day, it's not particularly new mind you, but so what?

New Buffalo - I'm The Drunk And You're The Star


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crowd of Drifters

"Sometimes the sun is too bright And it burns you like acid
You get to love driving at night The moon is so close you can kiss it
I used to remember you smiling and waving
I don't think I can anymore "
Magnetic Fields, Crowd of Drifters

The roads are turning into firecrackers which light up under my skin and leave me turned on like a lamp. When I turn to take the lit cigarette from your fingers, my reaching leaves a shadow imprint under your lids, where my face used to be.
The computer keys click-click until the letter is typed, and I re-read it to make sure it'll have the desired effect, but I'm clumsy with words, they bumble out of my fingers like too many keys clasped in my palm, instead of making you weep it will probably just give you gas.
When you leave, I swear I can't see, for a moment I am blind and I think the last image I will ever have is your head turned away, your chin jutting into the air. But then the darkness grows shadows and pinpricks of light, as if from far far away, some distant happiness is beckoning to me.
That is the promiseland, I keep moving towards it, reach out my hand to touch it, and wait.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just let go of it

I am not sure why, or maybe I am, but this sand artist guy has completely captured my attention, and imagination. Understandably, the scope of his work is almost overwhelming. The sheer size of his canvas, and the design, and the sand and the water rushing in and wiping it all away. I had dreams about it last night.
My favorite quote from the story: 'Once I have finished a piece and can get up on the overlook to see my work and take photos, I completely let go of it.'


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can't Hardly Wait


Word for Word Poetry presents a Norton Night of Poetry with readings by April Bernard, Julie Sheehan and Charlie Smith at the Bryant Park Reading Room, July 28, 2009 at 7:30pm.

Three award winning poets from W.W. Norton will present readings from their most recent publications.

The Bryant Park Reading Room is located at 6th Avenue @ 42nd Street. Subway: B, D, F, V to 42nd Street.
Bus: M5, M6, M7 to 41st @ 6th Avenue.

Can't Read My

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bizz

This Saturday brought a special blessing of summer sun; a total God send given last month’s accumulation of rain. Although the humidity would make Bikram Yoga a cool down, it didn’t discourage a weekend of debauchery in the Hamptons.

Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field, where athletes compete from all over the world and spectators either revel in divet stomping the torn up turf during half-time or sip cocktails under the coveted invitation-only VIP tent. The field was covered with East-end influentials, socialites and celebrities. But the day’s buzz came from reality television personality Jon and Kate Plus 8 playboy, John Gosselin, who attended Polo with his new BFF, Lindsay Lohan’s dad. What an unlikely pair considering Michael Lohan’s history with his own ex-wife.

The Hamptons evening continued with benefits supporting everything from cancer research to wounded war veterans.

At MacDella Cooper Foundation’s (MCF) “Champion of Education” benefit at the Four Seasons in Southampton, I had the opportunity of speaking with The Real Housewives of New York couple and co-chair of MCF, Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen. Since they live with their two young boys in Brooklyn, it seemed only natural to ask them if their success would mean a move to Manhattan. “We love Brooklyn and it’s great for the kids.” van Kempen said. “I’m not moving until I am so old that I can’t walk up and down the stairs in my apartment anymore,” McCord echoed.

The mission of MCF is to empower Liberian orphans and abandoned children, by providing education, food, clothing, and shelter. The goal to raise $500,000 to open the first-ever tuition free school in post-war Liberia. Supporters include David A. Paterson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Matt Dillon, and Paul Allen, Co-founder of Microsoft.

Other events included the Watermill Center and Rock the Farm’s concert series with Dan Akroyd, but the most spontaneous encounter came during a drop by at Trata on my way home. My hips came crashing with tambourine-shaking NYC reality star Ramona Singer strutting her way inside the restaurant with her husband Mario trailing behind. It looks like the housewives were anywhere but home this weekend.

- Lori Vadala Bizzoco

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bring It Back!

I was surprised to read about Junkies and Prostitutes in my ten year-old journal. Granted, I grew up on the ghetto Lower East Side of the '90s, but still, seeing those words in my scratchy hand was haunting. I guess that should have prepared me for my preteen musings on Holden Caulfield, "He's angry and likes to drink a lot" and my high school stories of a girl getting raped and committing suicide on a beach in Aruba "she was never hungry, sometimes she drank sugar water, but that was all." I wondered what was wrong with me. My artist/social worker father had always encouraged my creativity and now I had pages of prose that stood witness to my weirdness. Yet, there were also notes in the sidelines that made me smile: First Kiss 12/09/98, "my sweat, my eyes, my teenage Authority." Journals housed all my forgotten phases, words waiting to awaken me.

Journals. Bring It Back?


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Scribbling half stoned poetry in the hood got me by until I met Susan Shapiro. Her intense drive and blunt, honest critique woke me up and got me published. She is a star at making people realize their potential, as well as a sharp, witty and darkly analytical author. Whether lamenting lost loves or digging into her past addictions Shapiro never fails to inspire and motivate me. This month, my mentor is heating up the summer and sharing her words and wisdom with all at these energizing events.

Sunday July 26 from 2-8 pm $175
with Delacorte editor Danielle Perez
& literary agent Ryan Fischer-Harbage
in Greenwich Village. For more info

with Ian Frazier & Patricia Marx & Jon Fast
Tuesday night August 4 at 7 pm
at McNally Jackson Booksellers in Soho
52 Prince Street (at Mulberry Street)
Cupcake reception to follow

moderated by Susan Shapiro
with NY Times editor Frank Flaherty,
Self editor Paula Derrow &
Random House & St. Martin book editors
agent Brandi Bowles & PR guru Barb Burg
Wednesday night August 5 at 7 pm
at the Time Warner Borders Books
Columbus Circle & 59th Street


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stress Relief (better than Xanax)

So lately, as the temperatures finally rise, so do our stress levels. I see people screaming at each other in the street, and hear exasperated sighs over the blaring of my headphones. The past week everyone has been downright pugnacious, it seems. Fights start out over an accidental gaze, a dismissive gesture, some badly said words. More than ever I want to lay in the ocean and float away somewhere kinder, you know, a place where everyone radiates peace and calm.
But until then I have other sneaky little devices, including smells and sights and sounds to keep my stress from choking the life out of me. For me, the best medicine is laughing, laughing so hard that I almost "lizz" a little. (To Lizz is to Laugh and Whiz your pants at the same time, thanks 30 Rock.)

1) A friend just started a blog about her serious bout of Anglophilia, and this Orgasm a Day piece made sense of her anglophilia to me.

2) I watched this movie after the longest, stress-iest day ever, and it made me so, so, so happy. Serious camp-fest, and watching it with hilarious boys I rarely get to hang out with made it even better. Quote of the night was when my-brother-from-another-mother-but-not-literally said, "I think I can speak Norwegian, it's sort of like mumbling in English."

What's keeping you stress-free and happy?


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Free Reading with Drink Specials
July 20, 8-10PM
Franklin Park Reading Series
July Theme: “Travels and Journeys"

Take a trip around the world, with stops in Europe, Japan and California. From tours of vineyards and centuries-old towns to life in bustling, modern cities, our readers will describe life-altering experiences and share their personal journeys.

Erin Einhorn (author of memoir The Pages In Between)
Alice Feiring (wine expert; author of memoir The Battle for Wine and Love)
Teddy Wayne (author of upcoming novel Kapitoil)
Alyssa Pinsker (Moth storyteller)

Franklin Park
618 St. John's Place, between Franklin and Classon Avenues
Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Subway: 2, 3, 4, 5 to Franklin Avenue

Return of the B.O.B.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I can thank my younger brother for defacing me play fighting, swiping me on the subway when I'm broke and letting me star in his short films. Yet, Thursday I sat in the darkened theatre at Anthology Film Archives not knowing what to expect from his latest documentary "Pridgen." Once Muhammad Ali's bodyguard, now dying of AIDS, protagonist Alexander Pridgen suffuses his struggle with a classic star quality. Enthroned nearby, filling his immaculate white tuxedo and wheelchair, I wondered what he thought of audience reactions to his raw life. His effortless one liners "This meal's a dud!", "I want God to make me beautiful like you" contrast with tales of incarceration and cocaine addiction. I left my brother's premiere strangely uplifted, sipping a $12 Greyhound at The Jane Hotel, before realizing it was made with Georgi. You can check out the trailer here.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh, Craigslist.

This weekend, I was very proactive in my apartment hunt.  I visited, like, a million neighborhoods. I also posted, like, a million ads on Craigslist. I enjoy using "like" to exaggerate.

The ad that got the most responses included somewhat relevant information about myself:

I love dogs, but will never have one of my own until I "settle down," which will probably never happen. I hate cats, because I'm allergic to them.”

As well as some seemingly superfluous information about myself:

"I will play an excessive amount of The Velvet Underground and Nina Simone, but I can use headphones if this bothers you. I am a pretty quiet person. Also, I'm perpetually, comfortably single. So you probably won't hear me having sex on a regular basis. Which, is generally a positive thing (maybe not for me).”

I also, inexplicably, included a photo. Now, without further ado, I bring you:

The Best (and worse) of The Craigslist Responses

I, too, am named Hanna and have been spending my nights stalking Craigslist… I'll see your Velvet Underground, and raise you Tom Waits.

You are welcome to view likely mid week, as I am presently in the midst of Herculean labors…

This building is like the Friends series (even though it wasn’t even filmed in New York). Everyone knows each other. And my (our?) next door neighbor is Ross.

You are cute, funny & articulate. I am not going to tell you about my apartment and you can’t move in with me! The sexual frustration would kill me!

5.  Ur photo is cute. Can I take u 2 dinner?

-Hannah Miet Levine

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old Made - Store Opening

To quote the lovely Nicole at Free Williamsburg:

"Check out the Grand Opening of Williamsburg's newest Vintage Boutique-- Old Made. More than just a clever name, owners Leah Kroll and Frances Pezik are bringing you some of the cutest vintage clothing and accessories the 'hood has to offer.

In addition to all the cuteness, they've recruited some awesome local talent for this Friday's opening including music from Drew Citron, Beeping Sleauty, Unsolved Mysteries, Graffiti Monsters; and local arists Ethan Cook, Chelsea Harris, Ivy Weinglass, Eric Von Massey and Morgan Silver-Greenberg.

And the fun doesn't stop after opening night, expect revolving art shows, live music, and maybe even some store front BBQs in the future. Make an appearance on Friday between 7pm and Midnight for a celebratory cocktail off the Lorimer stop, or at least to peep the killer MJ memorial in the window."

**I've heard there are dresses for like twenty bucks - plus bands are going to play in the basement on the regular. There may or may not still be a Boys II Men tshirt for sale and original Elvis Presley cologne. Ummn amazing?! Get a peek at this place before there's a line out the door! Pomp will be there at the opening party this Friday with our fancy shoes on - or we'll just buy fancy shoes there!

-Lauren Mooney

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Silver Fox: Lee Ranaldo

Every week, or whenever I get around to it (don't rush me gawd), I'm going to wax orgasmic over my favorite species of man, the silver fox.

The first installment features the delightful punk rock elder statesman Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. I had the infinite pleasure of seeing SY this past Friday at the United Palace up in Harlem's nosebleed section (Broadway and 175th!), and while they totally fucking slayed and rocked harder than the ten-odd times I'd seen 'em before, they didn't play "Mote," which is probably my favorite cut off 1990's Goo (DGC).

"Mote" lacks the usual SY vocals courtesy of post-menopausal sex kitten Kim Gordon and her eternally boyish husband Thurston Moore, but who needs them when you've got sweet, salt-and-peppered Lee, am I right ladies-who-are-young-enough-be-his-daughter, provided he started out pretty early?* Put me in the equation, indeed!

*shit, I just checked IMDB.Com. Lee's nine months older than my dad, who did indeed start out pretty early. Is that gross? Should I feel gross? Ah, fuck it. It's not a silver fox situation without that borderline-inappropriate age difference.

-Megan Metzger

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Join us for a film premiere New York Style.


"Ricky Riggs: The Story of a Block Bitch"
Directed by Noah Barrow. Hand-drawn animation, 14 min, 2009.

The true story of one man's emotional and physical trauma resulting from multiple prison gang-rapes.

Directed by Fury Young. 16mm, 15 min, 2009.

Once bodyguard to Muhammad Ali, drug dealer, junkie, number runner for the Black Mafia.
Now Patient #119001368 at Rivington House for persons living with HIV/AIDS.
See life through the eyes of Alexander Pridgen.


Admission is free.


Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue [on the corner of 2nd St. and 2nd Ave.]
Ny Ny 10002

F Train to 2nd Avenue.

I'd love for you to come. Bring a friend!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rogue's Gallery

Which American Public Enemy Are You?

A: John Dillinger

B: Frank Lucas

C: Mickey and Mallory Knox

D: Patty Hearst

E: These Bad Bitches

Friday, July 3, 2009

College Rock Throwback: Galaxie 500, "Fourth of July"

Nevermind Stacy and Rebecca. They're just a little frazzled. The evening prior, after a few too many peppermint schnapps and Diet Cokes at a particularly heated Take Back the Night rally, they finally gave into the confused sexual tension that's been a healthy supply of masturbatory material for both of them since sophomore year. Things were a little awkward on set the next day. I mean, the taste of Stacy was still on Rebecca's breath for crying out loud. So it's only natural they confused the Connells for another great college rock band of yesteryear, Galaxie 500.

Dean Wareham's foggy stream of consciousness and guitar drones may not scream U-S-A, but our wet, hot American freedom affords us the gift to celebrate the 4th in our own special way. As for me, I'll be here.

What are you doing? Got a handle on a magical Brooklyn rooftop with a perfect view of the fireworks on the Hudson? Going to Coney Island to watch the skinny Japanese dude attempt to reclaim his title/honor amongst some pasty fat dudes? Or, are you doing what you always do on the 4th, dressing up in Colonial-period military garb to wage war with Hessians to take back Long Island?

Whatever you do, wear sunscreen. And stay away from peppermint schnapps. -Megan Metzger

You Aint' No Farmer Girl

-Jon Webb

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vibe on

Oh publishing, you wayward little beast of an industry. You are falling apart, and the only ones holding you up are the big business places which have such a backwards way of doing everything, and such a myopic way of looking at the world.
This is what I think, shh... don't tell anyone, but I think that small is going to be the new big.
Okay, I totally didn't come up with that myself, I got that from a guest speaker in my entrepreneurship class. It's just that, what he said just made a lot of sense, when big business get too big, then it's time for small business to topple them over one by one.
I was not a big Vibe reader, but business wise, it seemed to have a strong demographic, an attractive readership for advertisers, and an actual worldview. Most magazines (Time inc, I'm looking at you) don't have even that. What makes them survive? Backings of advertisers? MRI reports (which are completely useless)? Or just that weird feeling that Time should exist, well if they should, then shouldn't Vibe?

I would hate to live in a world where only magazines with a half a million readers and subscribers can survive. That doesn't make sense, I don't know half a million people who like the same thing, and if I did, I would run in the other direction. Run I tell you. Because there is something terrifying about that.
Most people who read Pomp hate at least a few articles in the issues, and that's exactly how it should be. You should be able to disagree at length with the media and what it's telling you, in fact you should be able to respond right away if you have a semblance of intelligence or sense. Continue the discussion, don't fall silent.
Perhaps this is something we should do for our web redesign... have a response page for everything you read. Get engaged again, or the din will drown you out.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mad Money

In a time when big banks are seen as super villans, this commercial makes me want to switch to the dark side of savings.