Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Silver Fox: Lee Ranaldo

Every week, or whenever I get around to it (don't rush me gawd), I'm going to wax orgasmic over my favorite species of man, the silver fox.

The first installment features the delightful punk rock elder statesman Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. I had the infinite pleasure of seeing SY this past Friday at the United Palace up in Harlem's nosebleed section (Broadway and 175th!), and while they totally fucking slayed and rocked harder than the ten-odd times I'd seen 'em before, they didn't play "Mote," which is probably my favorite cut off 1990's Goo (DGC).

"Mote" lacks the usual SY vocals courtesy of post-menopausal sex kitten Kim Gordon and her eternally boyish husband Thurston Moore, but who needs them when you've got sweet, salt-and-peppered Lee, am I right ladies-who-are-young-enough-be-his-daughter, provided he started out pretty early?* Put me in the equation, indeed!

*shit, I just checked IMDB.Com. Lee's nine months older than my dad, who did indeed start out pretty early. Is that gross? Should I feel gross? Ah, fuck it. It's not a silver fox situation without that borderline-inappropriate age difference.

-Megan Metzger


Anonymous said...

I don't know about wanting to fuck him-which is what I think you're talking about unless you're waxing longingly 13year old girl style-but Lee, despite what some may say and even what I've said will always fucking rock despite his voice just grating on my nerves.

Megan Marie Metzger Preston Esquire said...

No. Crushing on a silver fox is not about banging. It's just about staring longingly at some sterling old hotties.

Anonymous said...

Well, shit. Sorry. Its just this thing between my legs makes it so I can't understand anything like that at all anymore.