Friday, July 31, 2009

Bring It Back!

Pizza Parties were the place I danced to LaBouche (I wanna get into motion a better devotion), kissed my first girl, puffed my first joint, chugged my first Smirnoff Iced and then mimicked my Spanish teacher having an orgasm on a crowded Subway car, red sauce staining the sides of my mouth. Pizza Parties in Two Boots Den of Cin I saw Empire Records and I Know What You Did Last Summer, fell in love, snapped a studded wrist band stolen from St. Mark's around my girlfriend's wrist to show we were forever, hated my artist dad for dressing in clothes he'd found in dumpsters when he came to pick me up too early. Pizza Parties were staples of celebration, children's food that crossed over into adulthood, changing as I grew. From Pepperoni to Andouille, extra cheese to more difficult life choices.

Pizza Parties. Bring it Back?



Leah said...

Friday night pizza parties were the best! Veggie supreme from Pizza Hut and bottles of Coca Cola was my childhood.

Anonymous said...

this makes me want Two Boots NOW!!!