Friday, October 31, 2008

CMJ Hangover

This Bushwick bitch is back in action NYC-style just in time for CMJ. This marks the one-year anniversary of me moving to this town from the O.C. Going to the same party that opened up CMJ last year - the infamous Conflict of Interest party (put on by the Syndicate for the 10th year in a row) was definitely a culmination of my moxie. Last year I was desperately alone - this year not only was I able to avoid the hour-long line to get in - I knew someone around every corner.

From cutie Nicky Digital pulling PBRs out of his back pocket for me to kids from college giving me high-fives I was ballin...ok enough of my ego...

"Sleepyhead" the song by Passion Pit - kids if you don't like it, maybe you'll pretend to love it live to be hip. My verdict is that Passion Pit have been hyped way too much but It's a fun jam live -- especially after a shot of tequila (oh shit it's only Tuesday?!).

I was lucky enough to attend the Brooklyn Vegan showcase at the Music Hall of Williamsburg Tuesday night with my friend Nicole marking Passion Pit's first show in BK. I also caught a heartbroken DJ Jens Lekman (rumor has it he just broke up with his love). Some awesome Lykke Li remix was the highlight of the set but it was fun and he looked adorable-- like a sad puppy in a silly sweatshirt.

Since I'm sick as a dog a week later and there is mouse shit next to my bed I'm going to give a one liner of everyone else I saw:

Audrye Sessions - Incredible band from Oakland who you really have to see to believe.

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons - It was my first time seeing him with the complete ensemble dubbed "the Wandering Sons" and it was magical, especially in candlelight. (see Nicole's review below of his solo show in BK)

Shugo Tokumaru - Whimsical folk music from Tokyo, need I say more?

The Whip - Took a whole roll of polaroids, so yah I must have been drunk. (See Nicole's review and digi fotos)

Riddenpaa - Awesome punk threesome from Portland, I think Eric might be my new favorite person. Also ran into this dude I met in Montreal whose sister just happens to be in the band. Music is a small world after all.

Lucky Soul - Chris from Music Snobbery (an awesome music blog) put it best: "The Cardigans have a dinner party with St. Etienne and The Pipettes. After dinner, they decide to get drunk on after-dinner wine and make songs."

Little Boots - Cute brit in sexy boots performing post-modern Kylie Minogue-esque dance-worthy pop jams.

Chief - Wow where have these boys been all my life? I definitely fell in love with one of the three singers -- guess which one?! They all harmonize so well and rock harder.

Billy Bragg with the Watson Twins - OK so this wasn't officially part of CMJ but it was an incredible way to end my week. Highlights - The Watson Twins covering The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" and Billy Bragg waxing political and yelling at some Irish dudes.

OK forgive me while I go back to sleep or clean up some more mouse poo. New York is a constant flux of high highs and low lows.

-Lauren Mooney

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pomp Does CMJ

CMJ has come to an end-- and I'm glad. Don't get me wrong, I <3 music. And who doesn't love a live show, even if for nothing more than the close proximity of a sexy stranger's breath on your neck as inaudible questions are asked over a blaring bass line. But this past week, my head has been spinning with RSVPs, not to mention keeping track of everything in my mental calendar. Being as disorganized as I am, I missed about 70% of the shows I wanted to see, and about 60% of the shows I was on the list for, but some bands I did see made it all worth it:

Dovecote Records & Sneak Attack Media hosted a basement showcase at Rehab in Alphabet City. I arrived just as scene newbie Matt Duke kicked off his set, surrounded by tables of pill bottles filled with M&Ms and CD Samplers. As the crowd shoved to capacity, Tim Williams, who will be back at this Ave B venue on Nov. 21st, tugged on my heartstrings. Mason Proper delivered. Halfway through 'Point A to Point B', my mom (yes- I brought my mom to a CMJ party) turned to me and said, 'These drinks are strong, but they're fantastic'.

After putting my mom in a cab, I headed to the Brooklyn Vegan party in Williamsburg to catch the midnight show of The Phenomenal Handclap Band. I got there at the tail end of Ponytail-- luckily I'll be catching them on Halloween at Danbro. After 6 tequila shots in 3 minutes, I was super excited to spot Kurt Loder. “He 'molded my musical childhood!” I screamed to a friend, only to realize in a sober state a few days later that it was, in fact, fellow MTV News dude John Norris.

The next stand out event took place at Pete's Candy Store the night after the Black Seal party, where Wisconsin boy Cory Chisel performed in cozy quarters. Cory, accompanied by sweet songstress Adriel Harris, said 'if I hit her with this guitar, I'll feel really bad'. 'So will I', Adriel quipped. I was sitting towards the back of the room surrounded by proud sing-a-longs The Wandering Sons, who joined Cory & Adriel on stage for a few tunes, including an enchanting cover of Loudon Wainwright's 'I'm a One Man Guy'. This is the kind of music that makes me wanna smoke in bed, especially new jam 'Sex to Sleep.' If you feel like swooning, I suggest you keep your eyes open for Chisel repping his new gig as one of the Lucky Few.

From here I hopped in a car and headed back into the LES. A quick pit stop at Mercury Lounge and then straight to the The Annex, where NME was throwing a bash headlined by The Whip. The first and last time I saw these folks was at McCarren Park Pool and I loved them. I took a little too much advantage of the free Dewar's then, making me dance happy-- and this time wasn't much different. I mean, it was in a dark club and not in the overexposure of the summer sun, but I chugged enough to not realize that the DJ I was shaking my thang to was Mattie Safer of The Rapture.

A few days out of the madness and my concealer can finally go back to its home at the bottom of my make-up bag. Wait, who am I kidding? Figuratively speaking, it's always CMJ in NYC.

** Disclaimer: Sometimes I tend to forget to take photos-- OR, as in the case of The Whip show, I just take photos of myself dancing with friends in front of the speakers (which I REFUSE to share, by the way). I'm a classy broad, let me tell you....

--Nicole Wasilewicz

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Got Frolf?

If you want to unwind in our terse political climate and take advantage of beautiful fall Saturdays thanks to Global Warming, why not try some Frolf in Prospect Park? This is home to NYC's only Frisbee-golf (Frolf) course (

As an urban Brooklyn boy with a country heart, I relish the chance to kick off my shoes and feel the grass between my toes. So, with makeshift map in hand and beers in a bag, I journeyed with two Frolf buddies into the park's Nethermead in search of the orange dots and red tape that marked the course.

I don't know who the hell designed this idyllic Minotaur's maze, but all the trees look the same. Unless you pack a pair of military binoculars with your Frisbee, there's no way you're spotting the right brown stalk to shoot at in the distance. My favorite description of an orifice ever: "orient yourself towards the woods; this hole is marked by two orange bricks submerged in the ground."

As the afternoon wore on, it didn't matter that we had to re-work the course as we went; whizzing bright orange discs around pedestrian heads was too much fun. Less cool was correcting good Samaritans trying to return our toys, lest they screw up the game. As in golf, Frolf requires players to re-launch their flying objects from exactly where they lie.

Once while retrieving an errant throw, I disturbed a couple rolling gaily in the grass. I approached gingerly, curious to watch the energetic female on top. She dismounted, and flung back her long curly hair only to reveal lady lover number two underneath. Still smiling at this gift from the Frolf Gods, I went on to make the next hole in one triumphant arc.

In the end, my game faltered and I lost by three aggravating strokes in typical Happy Gilmore fashion, but the bag of beers was empty and my stress was gone. I definitely have some work to do before my next outing, but if you want to spend your own intoxicating day on the Frolf links with a few friends, check out to find a course near you.

-Jake Englander

Thursday, October 16, 2008

2012: A Space Prophecy

The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012. If you aren't living under a rock, chances are you have heard and probably worried about this. Nostradamus, who predicted major wars around this time and a huge "space collision," also referenced the date. Biblical figures prophesied the planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X) will come flaming toward Earth in comet-form to finish off the stragglers left from WWIII. In 2012 the Hebrew calendar will climb to its highest point (5772), which could optimistically present this time as a new beginning. Nuclear warfare, singularity, aliens coming and allowing passage and salvation on the Mother Ship, and the theory that Earth will start rotating in a different direction all seem possibilities to visionaries and scientists.

You may say "I'll worry about it in four years." A select few obsess about the questionable future, failing to realize that future is happening now. We think endless solutions are wide open. We plan on moving out of the city, learning to farm. We save up for our hybrid car (or dream about saving up for them), but we're Tom Cruising forward with our eyes wide shut. 2012 is here.

The world has been thrown into dark, challenging times. Until recently, we have done nothing about it. We have grown lazy, looking to our elders to protect us from every bump in the road. Who do we expect to save us? Obama? He'll be busy cleaning up Bush's dirty diapers (of course assuming, as any liberal Canadian like me would, that Obama will be your next President). What will we do when the world's oil supply runs dry? It is estimated to be completely depleted in a decade. Who will you be without your fav party pics blog? What will you be doing instead of updating your Facebook status? Sowing a field? Probably not. I myself can barely keep a cactus alive. 2012 isn't the downfall of humanity, and it isn't in our future. The future isn't real, the present is—the present is 2012. The time we have to save ourselves is now. Not in some alternative apocalyptic universe.

-Jayme Keith

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pomp Obsessions

Having raised orphaned kittens for the past 9 weeks I'm obsessed with anything cat related. Fuck it, even before the kittens I ate up anything feline. So i can't help but love the concept behind Soft Claws. Created by veterinarian Dr. Toby Wexler, they are a safe,non-toxic nail cap for your kitty. They don't interfere with retracting claws and let them scratch and stretch to their little hearts' desire without messing up your furniture. The best part? All the colors! You can bet my puss is gonna have neon pink nails. Now we can match! Plus it's an AMAZING alternative to de-clawing.

If you have traveled at all in the past few years, you know the beefed up security at airports causes more anxiety and stress than comfort. There is no privacy and anything you pack is fair game when it comes to employee amusement (better ex nay that purple dildo). It's a work in progress but the TSA Communications Project provides great commentary on dealing with all that dramz. Make it fun! You might get in trouble (well, you will) and it is a guarantee your bag will be searched (lame) but come on, art is not a bomb and that's something everyone can smile about. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I think it's genius (and you trust me, right?)

There is one last thing i have to mention. I've always been a huge fan of animation (no, not anime, get a life) and this film is amazing. It's a shame the director's blog is in Spanish because I would love to see what he's up to on the daily. His experimental technique has a balls to the wall mentality, just like Pomp. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't but at least you tried. Usually it works and this short film is beautiful and touching. Take a moment to watch "A short love story in stop motion" then hit up his site to get a peak into his creative process.

-Amanda S.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Don't Burn My Books

A girl once told me autumn was the most violent season. I’m starting to agree. It’s been a time of financial ruin, ecological destruction and casual remarks about a second Holocaust (if Ahmadinejad doesn’t believe the first one happened, how can there be a second?). Halloween is coming up, promising sadistic pranks and of course, lots of people dressed up like schlockey mom Sarah Palin, but slutty.

Recession, hurricanes, Holocaust, Hoes—bring it on! As Yosemite Sam, that paragon of wisdom advised me when I was five: “If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.” This autumn I’m going to ride high the wave of carnage, at least until I can drug ‘em and drown ‘em.

Last Wednesday I got to see Jonathan Fast read from his chilling new tome Ceremonial Violence ($25.95, Overlook Hardcover, 336 p.). This exploration of the hows and whys of school shootings is as insightful as it is intense. Often my morbid sense of humor got the best of me and I chuckled in horror at Brenda Spencer, 16, who after shooting elementary school children explained "I hate Mondays."

Fast describes school shootings as “grotesque going away parties.” Luckily I had only RSVP’d for the book party graciously feted by epic writer Susan Shapiro. I ran my red wine stained mouth to a pleasant man writing a book about Chinese spy Chi Mak “the perfect sleeper agent.” The Bordeaux went well with the talk of bullets and how in New York “when things like this happen, they happen on the streets.”

More on China, and how everyone keeps telling me they’re bigger, stronger, smarter, richer and own 1/3rd of America. Joe McGinniss’s Never Enough ($7.99, Pocket Star, 384 p.) is a fascinating true account of million$, milkshakes and murder in Hong Kong. There’s sex, drugs and expatriate investment bankers google searching Taiwanese gay boys. Besides the lurid details McGinniss serves up a rich psychological portrait of greed, love and loss.

The leaves are turning fiery red and falling faster than I can crunch them. At least I’m not killing 7 lbs. cats, or growing a mustache and chasing after Bugs Bunny with a shotgun...yet.

-Royal Young

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I’m at POMP Montreal, I mean POP ;-)

I'm a girl who flew in from Bushwick, Brooklyn. I can be found in a sweaty crowd of music lovers, though sometimes I sit on the side wondering where the crowd is—then realize this is the shittiest hip-hop I've ever heard in my life! This "MC's" day job is definitely at Blockbuster or maybe Subway and it's too bad they didn't have him on the night shift tonight. Hey.

Arriving in Montreal on Wednesday night to a welcoming poutine party, my first taste of the gravy and cheese curd covered french fries was pleasantly washed down with some Dr. Pepper. The night of band venue hopping was on.

If you like headaches then you might like Brooklyn based group Growing, the opening act for Hot Chip. They made me want to rip my brains out and throw the whole mess in a garbage can. Screechy electronic noise rock.

When Hot Chip took the stage, although I had seen them at Austin City Limits a few days prior (I'm weary), they put on a fantastic show. I was dancing even though I still felt sick from Growing.

POP Montreal isn't just a music festival, it's a beautifully curated event that features Art POP, Kids POP, Film POP, among others.

Thursday I saw Put Down The Rifle (who recently opened for The Teenagers). They were alright, but only had two people dancing/watching, which made them look a little pathetic. I moved on to The Chinese Stars from Providence, Rhode Island knocking my fucking socks off with their energy. They made me run around afterwards with my friend Mikey and his orange bicycle featuring a glittery green banana seat.

Friday involved a long graffiti filled walk to brunch and a barbeque with a band from Ottawa called HILOTRONS. They played next to port-o-potties. I checked out some art, a band called Wintersleep in a venue that didn't let me bring in alcohol (what the fuck?).

The highlight: Vincent Moon's film screening. He is responsible for the idea of Take Away Shows. He made me tear up and fall in love with music all over again...check it:

I don't even like Yaesayer and Vincent's film made them enchanting.

Rooftop party....catch ya later.

-Lauren Mooney

Monday, October 6, 2008

What's good ladies and gents?

After a week of clockin' in more hours then I should at my meaningless job, I'm back. Work leaves me exhausted and the VP debates left me cold and clammy (who knows what this country is thinking anymore? But don't you freaking wink at me.) Thank god for the Pomp Romp Friday cuz otherwise this week would have been a total shit. I'm glad the launch of our blog was a solid reason for everyone to get smashed and I have to thank everyone who came out to show their support. It was a rockin' success and showing up to work with night-before makeup and an I-need-bacon hangover solidified that.

I'm keepin' this one short because I know you're here for some flix and as I promised in my last entry, I'm here to bring them to you. So here you go, your dose of Pomp crack for the day.

A special shout to my boo Bizzle, I love you, and my main bitches for comin thru to support me and for knowing that anything one of us does, big or little, is worth gettin blitzed over.

To all the rest of you Pomp Rompers, keep your eyes peeled for the slideshows of the party coming to a pomponline blog near you and thanks for keepin' it real and checkin' us out. We checked you out too, and we like.

-Amanda S.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pomp Culture

Santogold and Diplo remixes - if it wasn't obvious enough when you heard the cross-genre sleeper hit which is the Santogold album that this lady was going to be a force to reckon with, this remix album shows more of her unquenchable fire. First off, you have to love anyone who can take a line that is meant to kill your hopes and dreams, and make it into a dance classic. Second of all, Diplo is solid, as always, but it's the Devo, B 52s and Aretha that save this compilation from being just any old dancehall hit.

Florals - yeah apparently they're back... I would be careful before hopping into that bandwagon though, the print has to be subtle and fresh, think the opposite of your childhood bedroom drapes and more towards mixing some daring colors.

True Blood - ok, I'll be the first to admit the trash-factor of this show, but that being said, the trashiness juxtaposes well with the wonder of how people react when they are afraid of things, how sometimes they should be afraid, and how other times the fear turns them into monsters. I mean... come on it's a timely topic, and splicing in all that serious fear and fear reaction with some hot vampire sex is a good way to keep the audience hooked.

Hoodies - ah yes, hoodie weather means we're kicking it hoodie style. I am noticing a major return of Where's Waldo-esque stripes, but the craze is really about interesting prints. I don't know about floral hoodies, though I dare you to try it, take a picture and send it to me so I can laugh at or with you.

And as for events, there is the Hiro Ballroom Afterparty tonight with Chromeo DJ'ing (which you know will be amazing.) And it's very likely you'll need the booze and the music to make up for the vice presidential debates that are also the big event for the night (there I said it, we use these things to overcompensate for our sense of doom.) And as for your Friday, well... as you can guess, the best place to get your Pomp Culture is at a Pomp Romp.

-Kastoory K.