Friday, October 31, 2008

CMJ Hangover

This Bushwick bitch is back in action NYC-style just in time for CMJ. This marks the one-year anniversary of me moving to this town from the O.C. Going to the same party that opened up CMJ last year - the infamous Conflict of Interest party (put on by the Syndicate for the 10th year in a row) was definitely a culmination of my moxie. Last year I was desperately alone - this year not only was I able to avoid the hour-long line to get in - I knew someone around every corner.

From cutie Nicky Digital pulling PBRs out of his back pocket for me to kids from college giving me high-fives I was ballin...ok enough of my ego...

"Sleepyhead" the song by Passion Pit - kids if you don't like it, maybe you'll pretend to love it live to be hip. My verdict is that Passion Pit have been hyped way too much but It's a fun jam live -- especially after a shot of tequila (oh shit it's only Tuesday?!).

I was lucky enough to attend the Brooklyn Vegan showcase at the Music Hall of Williamsburg Tuesday night with my friend Nicole marking Passion Pit's first show in BK. I also caught a heartbroken DJ Jens Lekman (rumor has it he just broke up with his love). Some awesome Lykke Li remix was the highlight of the set but it was fun and he looked adorable-- like a sad puppy in a silly sweatshirt.

Since I'm sick as a dog a week later and there is mouse shit next to my bed I'm going to give a one liner of everyone else I saw:

Audrye Sessions - Incredible band from Oakland who you really have to see to believe.

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons - It was my first time seeing him with the complete ensemble dubbed "the Wandering Sons" and it was magical, especially in candlelight. (see Nicole's review below of his solo show in BK)

Shugo Tokumaru - Whimsical folk music from Tokyo, need I say more?

The Whip - Took a whole roll of polaroids, so yah I must have been drunk. (See Nicole's review and digi fotos)

Riddenpaa - Awesome punk threesome from Portland, I think Eric might be my new favorite person. Also ran into this dude I met in Montreal whose sister just happens to be in the band. Music is a small world after all.

Lucky Soul - Chris from Music Snobbery (an awesome music blog) put it best: "The Cardigans have a dinner party with St. Etienne and The Pipettes. After dinner, they decide to get drunk on after-dinner wine and make songs."

Little Boots - Cute brit in sexy boots performing post-modern Kylie Minogue-esque dance-worthy pop jams.

Chief - Wow where have these boys been all my life? I definitely fell in love with one of the three singers -- guess which one?! They all harmonize so well and rock harder.

Billy Bragg with the Watson Twins - OK so this wasn't officially part of CMJ but it was an incredible way to end my week. Highlights - The Watson Twins covering The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" and Billy Bragg waxing political and yelling at some Irish dudes.

OK forgive me while I go back to sleep or clean up some more mouse poo. New York is a constant flux of high highs and low lows.

-Lauren Mooney

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