Thursday, October 16, 2008

2012: A Space Prophecy

The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012. If you aren't living under a rock, chances are you have heard and probably worried about this. Nostradamus, who predicted major wars around this time and a huge "space collision," also referenced the date. Biblical figures prophesied the planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X) will come flaming toward Earth in comet-form to finish off the stragglers left from WWIII. In 2012 the Hebrew calendar will climb to its highest point (5772), which could optimistically present this time as a new beginning. Nuclear warfare, singularity, aliens coming and allowing passage and salvation on the Mother Ship, and the theory that Earth will start rotating in a different direction all seem possibilities to visionaries and scientists.

You may say "I'll worry about it in four years." A select few obsess about the questionable future, failing to realize that future is happening now. We think endless solutions are wide open. We plan on moving out of the city, learning to farm. We save up for our hybrid car (or dream about saving up for them), but we're Tom Cruising forward with our eyes wide shut. 2012 is here.

The world has been thrown into dark, challenging times. Until recently, we have done nothing about it. We have grown lazy, looking to our elders to protect us from every bump in the road. Who do we expect to save us? Obama? He'll be busy cleaning up Bush's dirty diapers (of course assuming, as any liberal Canadian like me would, that Obama will be your next President). What will we do when the world's oil supply runs dry? It is estimated to be completely depleted in a decade. Who will you be without your fav party pics blog? What will you be doing instead of updating your Facebook status? Sowing a field? Probably not. I myself can barely keep a cactus alive. 2012 isn't the downfall of humanity, and it isn't in our future. The future isn't real, the present is—the present is 2012. The time we have to save ourselves is now. Not in some alternative apocalyptic universe.

-Jayme Keith


Anonymous said...

the end's not near, it's here!

Amanda said...

oooh yes 2012. i tend to be one of the people that think about this way too much. We are all soooo small... aaah! Someone please pull me away from The Discovery Channel. Damn cable.
I love this entry

Anonymous said...

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