Monday, October 6, 2008

What's good ladies and gents?

After a week of clockin' in more hours then I should at my meaningless job, I'm back. Work leaves me exhausted and the VP debates left me cold and clammy (who knows what this country is thinking anymore? But don't you freaking wink at me.) Thank god for the Pomp Romp Friday cuz otherwise this week would have been a total shit. I'm glad the launch of our blog was a solid reason for everyone to get smashed and I have to thank everyone who came out to show their support. It was a rockin' success and showing up to work with night-before makeup and an I-need-bacon hangover solidified that.

I'm keepin' this one short because I know you're here for some flix and as I promised in my last entry, I'm here to bring them to you. So here you go, your dose of Pomp crack for the day.

A special shout to my boo Bizzle, I love you, and my main bitches for comin thru to support me and for knowing that anything one of us does, big or little, is worth gettin blitzed over.

To all the rest of you Pomp Rompers, keep your eyes peeled for the slideshows of the party coming to a pomponline blog near you and thanks for keepin' it real and checkin' us out. We checked you out too, and we like.

-Amanda S.


Anonymous said...

blog shout outs r washed up - 'cept 4 wen u remembur the rest of us

Amanda said...

There will be a slideshow coming very soon with way more pictures of everyone there. Lots more blogs people so no worries! we appreciate everyone who came. You are all amazing

Anonymous said...

so...are flix the new pix or am I missing something? and yeah, nice shout out...bringing high school back rox!

Anonymous said...

awwwww don't be jealous

Anonymous said...

how is saying thanks for coming high school? thanks for having me--sloppy sparks fun!!!