Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I’m at POMP Montreal, I mean POP ;-)

I'm a girl who flew in from Bushwick, Brooklyn. I can be found in a sweaty crowd of music lovers, though sometimes I sit on the side wondering where the crowd is—then realize this is the shittiest hip-hop I've ever heard in my life! This "MC's" day job is definitely at Blockbuster or maybe Subway and it's too bad they didn't have him on the night shift tonight. Hey.

Arriving in Montreal on Wednesday night to a welcoming poutine party, my first taste of the gravy and cheese curd covered french fries was pleasantly washed down with some Dr. Pepper. The night of band venue hopping was on.

If you like headaches then you might like Brooklyn based group Growing, the opening act for Hot Chip. They made me want to rip my brains out and throw the whole mess in a garbage can. Screechy electronic noise rock.

When Hot Chip took the stage, although I had seen them at Austin City Limits a few days prior (I'm weary), they put on a fantastic show. I was dancing even though I still felt sick from Growing.

POP Montreal isn't just a music festival, it's a beautifully curated event that features Art POP, Kids POP, Film POP, among others.

Thursday I saw Put Down The Rifle (who recently opened for The Teenagers). They were alright, but only had two people dancing/watching, which made them look a little pathetic. I moved on to The Chinese Stars from Providence, Rhode Island knocking my fucking socks off with their energy. They made me run around afterwards with my friend Mikey and his orange bicycle featuring a glittery green banana seat.

Friday involved a long graffiti filled walk to brunch and a barbeque with a band from Ottawa called HILOTRONS. They played next to port-o-potties. I checked out some art, a band called Wintersleep in a venue that didn't let me bring in alcohol (what the fuck?).

The highlight: Vincent Moon's film screening. He is responsible for the idea of Take Away Shows. He made me tear up and fall in love with music all over again...check it: http://www.blogotheque.net/

I don't even like Yaesayer and Vincent's film made them enchanting.

Rooftop party....catch ya later.

-Lauren Mooney

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ohmygod! i love chinese stars! more deets on them pleeeeze!