Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old Made - Store Opening

To quote the lovely Nicole at Free Williamsburg:

"Check out the Grand Opening of Williamsburg's newest Vintage Boutique-- Old Made. More than just a clever name, owners Leah Kroll and Frances Pezik are bringing you some of the cutest vintage clothing and accessories the 'hood has to offer.

In addition to all the cuteness, they've recruited some awesome local talent for this Friday's opening including music from Drew Citron, Beeping Sleauty, Unsolved Mysteries, Graffiti Monsters; and local arists Ethan Cook, Chelsea Harris, Ivy Weinglass, Eric Von Massey and Morgan Silver-Greenberg.

And the fun doesn't stop after opening night, expect revolving art shows, live music, and maybe even some store front BBQs in the future. Make an appearance on Friday between 7pm and Midnight for a celebratory cocktail off the Lorimer stop, or at least to peep the killer MJ memorial in the window."

**I've heard there are dresses for like twenty bucks - plus bands are going to play in the basement on the regular. There may or may not still be a Boys II Men tshirt for sale and original Elvis Presley cologne. Ummn amazing?! Get a peek at this place before there's a line out the door! Pomp will be there at the opening party this Friday with our fancy shoes on - or we'll just buy fancy shoes there!

-Lauren Mooney


Anonymous said...

I'm totally bringing my dead shoes

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff! Especially that typewriter.....if I believed in typewriters