Friday, July 3, 2009

College Rock Throwback: Galaxie 500, "Fourth of July"

Nevermind Stacy and Rebecca. They're just a little frazzled. The evening prior, after a few too many peppermint schnapps and Diet Cokes at a particularly heated Take Back the Night rally, they finally gave into the confused sexual tension that's been a healthy supply of masturbatory material for both of them since sophomore year. Things were a little awkward on set the next day. I mean, the taste of Stacy was still on Rebecca's breath for crying out loud. So it's only natural they confused the Connells for another great college rock band of yesteryear, Galaxie 500.

Dean Wareham's foggy stream of consciousness and guitar drones may not scream U-S-A, but our wet, hot American freedom affords us the gift to celebrate the 4th in our own special way. As for me, I'll be here.

What are you doing? Got a handle on a magical Brooklyn rooftop with a perfect view of the fireworks on the Hudson? Going to Coney Island to watch the skinny Japanese dude attempt to reclaim his title/honor amongst some pasty fat dudes? Or, are you doing what you always do on the 4th, dressing up in Colonial-period military garb to wage war with Hessians to take back Long Island?

Whatever you do, wear sunscreen. And stay away from peppermint schnapps. -Megan Metzger


Anonymous said...

OMG This is so good. Rooftop on Brooklyn Of course, I'm no peasant!

Anonymous said...

that is a serious throwback, now i can celebrate properly