Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crowd of Drifters

"Sometimes the sun is too bright And it burns you like acid
You get to love driving at night The moon is so close you can kiss it
I used to remember you smiling and waving
I don't think I can anymore "
Magnetic Fields, Crowd of Drifters

The roads are turning into firecrackers which light up under my skin and leave me turned on like a lamp. When I turn to take the lit cigarette from your fingers, my reaching leaves a shadow imprint under your lids, where my face used to be.
The computer keys click-click until the letter is typed, and I re-read it to make sure it'll have the desired effect, but I'm clumsy with words, they bumble out of my fingers like too many keys clasped in my palm, instead of making you weep it will probably just give you gas.
When you leave, I swear I can't see, for a moment I am blind and I think the last image I will ever have is your head turned away, your chin jutting into the air. But then the darkness grows shadows and pinpricks of light, as if from far far away, some distant happiness is beckoning to me.
That is the promiseland, I keep moving towards it, reach out my hand to touch it, and wait.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Pass gas. Is this poetry? Prose? A part of a song inspiring another song?

Krista said...

one of my favorite songs of all time

Anonymous said...

who wrote this?

Anonymous said...

.......Seahorses are rising.......