Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ask Me Stories - Body Talk

A little while ago, Sparrow Hall covered a new regular event, titled Ask Me Stories. It's all about short and usually hilarious stories about a certain topic, featuring performers and stand-up comics. Last night they had a show at Arlo&Esme - a classy establishment with a beautiful basement space - and it did not disappoint.

Stories ranged from the gross (master cleanse gone horribly wrong in a public bathroom), to the sad but stomach-achingly funny (a hilarious story, aptly titled "Assoline"). The players kept the audience engaged with numerous tidbits and pieces of what can only be called a righteous kind of overshare. And the audience loved it, getting to know these people and some of their mortifying personal stories. Community was being built and it wasn't on Facebook or (taking it back OG) geocities.

You can download the Ask Me Stories podcast for free on iTunes, and check out their teaser trailer for the body talk event.

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Anonymous said...

That is one of the nicest bars in that neighborhood, with a basement Friday night dance party that just won't stop.
Heard of Ask Me, will definitely check it out next time.