Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hand Paintings

Remember those random chainletter emails, forward this inspiring story of a blind race car driver or the heartwarming story of real true love or (my personal favorite) the one with the emoticons that as you scroll down give you the finger. But basically the premise was to send this anger-inducing, time-waster on to as many people as you know to drive them as crazy as you are. Well I think I just got one of those emails. (I'm not even sure, I know) and it was wonderful.

Paintings on your hands, one of the most utilitarian parts of your body, transformed into art (or animal).



Anonymous said...

any more info? like who did these?

Anonymous said...

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Daily Dose said...

Sorry no more info, just a chain email with an "Aren't these AMAZING!!!!!!" piece of text.

hcg said...

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