Monday, February 8, 2010

Warm you up

Our heat has been turned off, due to a series of unfortunate events. And since we actually live in a big drafty apartment in Brooklyn, it's a serious problem. I have a space heater but I am worried I'll find some roommates frozen to death in the morning. Here's hoping that does NOT happen.

Things to keep me warm while I am huddled in millions of layers, practically sitting on top of my space heater:
1) dreams of Future Possibilities
2) class discussion about entrepreneurs being hubris-tic
3) the smell of twinings earl grey, seriously before the first sip, just the smell warms me right up.
4) this amazing song and video...

5) the don't go to bed with a frown in your pocket song from 30 rock.

6) oh and these awesome booties from old navy.



Anonymous said...

Wow wish my heat was off so I could warm up dancing to this song

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