Friday, April 23, 2010

Los Angeles Scene Capture

THE STRIP on East Sunset Blvd. is home to the Echo Curio, The Echo, Echoplex, Two Boots Pizza, The Shortstop and the recently reformed smoke-filled hideaway Little Joy. Steps between Silver Lake and Downtown Los Angeles shows and bars make sure that there is something amazing to do every night of the week. One can wander to every party and grab a pupusa (LA’s version of ‘street meat’) when you’re done for the night.

The Echo Curio, a host to art shows, bands, installations, an impressive record collection and other oddities is run by Justin McInteer, Grant Capes, Tim and Heather Goodwillie. Check them out at Echo Curio.

On March 18, Adam Weiss, curated, the first underground hip-hop event the Echo Curio had seen in its three plus years of existence. Performing at the Curio, was Michael Nhat, Sirah, and Gajah of the Acid Reign Crew, LA-based DIY hip-hop and electronic artists.

People flowed in and out of the small space and into the backroom and outside onto Sunset Blvd. trying to find a good spot to see the show. Michael Nhat responded by performing on a wooden crate so everyone could get a good view.

Sirah opened her set to “I’m Just a Girl”, by No Doubt in working the crowd up in gold lamae disco pants and a rockabilly ‘do. Halfway through her set, she threw off her platform heels and busted out rhymes to the crowd of mostly dudes in sideways baseball caps with some punk hipper-than-hipsters thrown in because, well, it’s Echo Park.

Afterwards synth-space pop band, Halloween Swim Team did a live improv instrumental set while people, including the curator, freestyled until the event came to a close.

This was the biggest turnout for an event fueled by hip hop and Adam Weiss is doing it again May 20 at Syncronicity Space. Performing is Screwtake (Bizzart and Walter Gross), Verbs (of Swim Team/Project Blowed) and Exsistereo of the Shapeshifters. True to the vibe Adam Weiss creates, the night will round out with live instrumental sets by Rare Grooves and Widow Babies with the requisite audience participation thrown in.

-Claudia Chandler
Pomp Los Angeles

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These pictures are so great, love the vibe and slight darkness.