Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hitler Pissed About iPad

I'm watching as more and more publishers fall into the iPad trap, (they think it will revive their old business model). Mediactive even caught the New York Times losing some of their credibility for lavishing praise on this new it-toy. (Naughty naughty, that's one of the few value propositions you have left, NYT, your indelible and incredible pride.) Even that Modern Family episode had me confused as to whether this iPad is a real game-changer, or just a short-phase game. The kind that "fun" dad's everywhere will be excited about for a couple of weeks before moving on. But, I may just be a hater. Either way, I'm not hatin' as much as Hitler.

(Thanks to the lovely Canadians for showing me this.)

Now that dude is pissed.

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