Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Praise Song - REDUX

His speech wove millions of threads together, bringing the tapestry of American life to the forefront. It was nice, of course, to have someone practically shouting the Pomp mission statement out to the world, from the presidential pulpit no less. Responsibility, struggle, and how these things will ultimately lead to success and joy. I believe. We've come this far by wading through the struggle and we'll keep at it to earn something worthwhile.

I don't know about you... but I am so ready.

Top 5 TV inauguration moments:
1) speech of the century
2) if it's brown stick around and mellow yellow (serious high point, that guy may have stolen a bit of Obama thunder with his race/rhyme jokes)
3) the First Lady's outfit
4) Dick Cheney being escorted away by wheelchair
5) George W. Bush's imagined last words, are you a lip-reader? What was he saying at the end there?

Stay tuned for (further) special Pomp-ous inauguration coverage.



starling said...

When the red man can get ahead, man! The entire inauguration was so gorgeous. And snaps to Elizabeth Alexander for her poem!


Anonymous said...

today was just a wonderful day! wasn't it?

Hannah Miet said...

I think we were all over-ripe with readiness.

Thank God (unless you're a "non believer"!) for Obama.


Anonymous said...

first day in office and he wants to close down guantanamo within a year! yimminy yeeee haaaw!