Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snowy Stilts

The guitarist of Crystal Stilts is an ashy young man, playing with his back to the audience. They’re a peculiar breed. Singer JB often sings with closed eyes or rolled back in his head—all whites. I went to see them on a cold, snowy January night at the Market Hotel, a new venue in the heart of Bushwick. Hoping the nasty weather would stave off crowds, I made my way to the front. The show had sold out. Being a Brooklyn band, I'm sure Crystal Stilts felt at home on their own turf at the Market Hotel. I was there to see them play from their first full length LP on Slumberland Records, "Alight Of Night.” Its wall-of-sound production and tracks like "Dazzled" and "The Sinking" remind me of Joy Division. At the show, I expected to see JB do "The Dead Fly Dance" (Ian Curtis fans will understand.) To make up for the lack of seizures, opening band Box Elders' guitarist, got naked on stage and donned a homemade loincloth.

-Diana Kinscherf


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