Friday, February 27, 2009

I Don't Remember Drawing That

No one can tell us drinking can't be productive. After a week of work unwind by partying with pens. This weekend make your debauch decorative. Become a puff puff Picasso by playing Exquisite Corpse.

Best played with four of your nearest and dearest.

Fold paper into four sections.
1) Head
2) Shoulders to waist
3) Waist to knee
4) Knee to feet
Everyone starts with the head, leaving lines to show where their drawing ends. Fold that over to keep your illustration secret and pass it clockwise. Repeat this until you've created your own Exquisite Corpse. We want to see your hooch inspired creations! Email us at if you become wasted Warhol over the weekend and we'll post your masterpieces.

-The Editors
(Corpsers: Amanda S, Stella B, JBizzle, Royal Y.)


Anonymous said...

the top girl is hott

Anonymous said...

i don't know, i'm pretty down with all the udders on the second one

Anonymous said...

yeah, sorry but you can't beat mrs. 4-boobs