Monday, March 2, 2009

This One's On Us

New York was unaffordable long before disaster hit Wall Street. Before real estate moguls bought out blocks of the ghetto, charged thrice the rent and called it “East Williamsburg,” us trust fund-less folk were struggling.

The expense of almost everything in New York impinges on how much there is to do. I often get the absurd feeling I’m missing out when I go to bed before 3 a.m. on a Tuesday night. I’m usually right.

Here are some ways you can spend your weekend out and about, without breaking bank.

5:00 p.m. Free Fridays at MoMA

Entrance to the ever-so-classy MoMA is always free with a college ID. The museum also waives admission for all pseudo-intellectuals every Friday from 4-8 p.m. Although I am somewhat befuddled by modern art, I seem to “get it” a bit more when it’s free.

6:30 p.m. Modern Art makes me crave free beer

After my high culture MoMA experience, I downgraded to frat boy territory: Free Beer Fridays at Town Tavern on W. 3rd. The rowdy college crowd was in sync with the lame music (Creed, followed by Christina Aguilera, anyone?), but I can’t complain about the draft beer, which flows freely from 6-8 p.m. every Friday.

12 a.m. PBR and Elvis Presley

The Hot Rocks party at The Delancey was an unexpectedly amazing free experience. I entered the upstairs bar unaware of where the soiree was, greeted with the usual snootiness The Delancey is known for. But once I found the basement, I entered a whole new world.

Michael, the bartender wore an X-Men T-shirt and cheerful smile. He was also super liberal with the PBR. I ordered two at a time and he didn’t scoff once.

The crowd was euphorically dancing to Buddy Holly and The Beatles while downing brew like there was no tomorrow. I did the twist with several strangers before meeting up with Suhatcha, and rocking out to “Maybelline.”

2 a.m. Moving through the Centuries

I didn’t know so many people shared my love for ‘50s music. New friendships led to an awesome car ride over to Galapagos (I still refuse to call Public Assembly.

As you can tell from the above photo, my camera for the night was awesomely ghetto. For this reason, the smashing gentleman below, Sidney Oolongo, gets all Galapagos photo credit. And also hat credit.

There was free admission with two awesome floors. The only free-dom Galapagos lacked was an open bar, but with our PBR buzz still in full force, we didn’t really care.

10 p.m. What open bar?

After watching The Lodger, quite possibly the worst movie of all time, Daniel and I headed to Bowery Electric for the weekly Art Fag party.

Supposedly hosted by Ryan McGinley, the party bore no resemblance to one or to anything photography related. The staff also had no idea about an open bar, when we first showed up.

Around 10:45, they started serving free well vodka and Budweiser. Vodka-cran was a nice departure from all the beer I’d been drinking.

I just wish that the bartender didn’t hate on us without provocation. Free liquor is far from a bartender’s wet dream, and that is understandable, but it is no excuse to be mean (especially when you’re getting tipped anyway).

All in all, a weekend well spent. Especially since I didn’t spend a dime.

-Hannah Miet


Anonymous said...

i feel like creed followed by aguilera would harsh my mellow like nothing else

Anonymous said...

yea thanks for the warning!

Anonymous said...

Suhatcha is the most beautiful token PBR model in the universe.