Thursday, March 26, 2009

Never Met You, But Want To

Why couldn't George Weber just go to a gay bar? We're living in Bromance land, he would have had no problem picking up some bondage boyz in Chelsea at Rawhide, which was across the street from my middle school. But a shady craigslist 16 year-old who makes questionably sane prank phone calls and posts them on Youtube? Come on George. I'm not saying your death wasn't a tragedy, I'd love to know all about your fascinating last hours, but really, don't grab rotten fruit. The up side to all this horror is I've rediscovered the ridiculousness of craigslist's missed connections. As my co-worker said "Just give them your number." I'm not going to wax philosophical on the social politics of our internet fueled world or spill why facebook interactions prompted me to get wasted last night. Here's a highlight of connections that may never be made.

Late night on the L - w4m - 27 (Brooklyn)
This is a long shot. But we met around 2 AM early this morning. I was dazed and had just got off a plane. You sat across from me and our eyes connected on a few occasions. Your name is Mark. I wore redlipstick. I told you I'd be here for a week. You said you'd hope to run into me again...

Indian Girl at PJ Clarke's last evening - w4m (Midtown East
If you were that guy who looked at me on the way to the toilet with this great and intense stare I would love to hear from you.

VGL HOT NYPD????? - m4m (Manhattan)
This happened Monday or Tuesday of this week in midtown........
HOT gorgeous (Irish?) cop in his late 30s/early 40s(?) spotted at a TD Bank Branch.
I may just come by to change coins for dollars more often - lol
We locked eyes and I loved your gorgeous smile - you were very courteous and very warm, too.
I did catch you looking at my buns.
Have coffee and go from there?
Btw, I couldn't see if there was a ring on your heart will break if you're married.
EXTEREMELY DISCRT HERE - as I have played with cops before.

never worked so long and hard to cement a failure - w4w - 28
at weird moments, i still want to contact you. i am in love with someone else, but our separation was such an amputation that it haunts me still. i'm not really sure why. does it haunt you too?

so, this is just to let off some of that steam. i'm posting this under missed connections because ours was such a huge one. aren't you glad i left? i sure as hell am. but i wish it had all gone differently, and i wish there was some way i could still know you, and also know that there was no chance for disaster.

anyway, i continue to hope for the best for you, and i'm always curious how you're doing, and how you've changed, and how you've processed all the things that happened between us. one day, i hope we'll have a beer or ten and roll our eyes at the ridiculousness of it all.

Cute Korean girl with Abercrombie sweatshirt in NYPL reading room nort - m4w (Midtown)
Hi, I'm sitting here at my laptop doing a job search with the library's free internet and happen to be facing you. I think you are incredibly cute and your studious demeanor only enhances this further for me. Your shirt says “evil of angel, you decide” I’d have to go with angel given your heavenly appearance. I have dated Koreans in the past and really enjoy their company. I would love to buy you coffee sometime and find out more about you. Perhaps you will read this?



Anonymous said...

this post makes me want to shed a tear.

Anonymous said...

dude once you start looking at these missed connections you just can't stop.

clanchatti said...

Someone mis-connected me once (about 2 months ago). I didn't reply. Felt awful about it, but he wrote about seeing me at my old work 2 years ago. He could have been a bit more punctual.

Alex said...

I love these "Missed Connections" evocative of the theme "Lonely in the City."

And the commentary--so savvy!

Royal Young said...

I leave in constant fear of getting mis-connected

Hannah Miet said...

I think I have been mis-connected before.

Unless there was more than one curly haired girl on the J train last year, eating swedish fish, "with beautiful boobs."

Which is possible.

Anonymous said...

hah, are missed connections all about sexing?

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what happened to that kid who stabbed george weber?>