Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Au Revoir SITE

5:30 p.m.- Lumenhouse

It was the concept that drew me to The Liar Show. Four writers and comedians tell hilarious narratives. Three are completely true. One is a straight-up lie. After the stories are heard, audience members interrogate the performers and the one to expose the fraud wins a prize.

At Lumenhouse on Sunday, the storytellers were Ophira Eisenberg, Jim O'Grady, Daisy Rosario, Carter Edwards, and Andy Christie. Each story was absorbing and absurd in its own way. I listened to descriptions of dinner conversations, awkward sexual encounters and drug experimentations. The interrogation process with the audience was equally amusing, but did little to illuminate who was telling the truth. These performers are skilled in the art of deception.

I wasn’t aware of The Liar Show before they came to SITE fest, but the performance moves around to many other New York venues, with a rotating cast. The next Liar show is March 18th at Comix (

7 p.m.-ION Sound

I’m a sucker for many things--Alliterative song titles, chocolate truffles, most things (and people) that are French, and anything that reminds me of Back To The Future. The latter was the reason I got psyched to see Love Like Deloreans ( play at Blue Monday, even though I had yet to hear their music, and had no way of ensuring they were, in fact, referring to the film and not just the car.

The SITE map said they sounded like “a submarine ride on Europa and the best prom night ever.” It was right on point.

Some people can listen to electronic music all the time. I only enjoy it under certain substances. Somehow, I enjoyed the Deloreans set in a state of relative sobriety. I think this means they were pretty good. Not a band I would put on my Ipod but, “Electronic/Country/Club” music is not really my thing.

They should make soundtracks for video games.

My experience at SITE was very refreshing. ION Sound, in particular, confirmed that I am not entirely music-pretentious. I enjoyed almost all of the music I saw at Blue Monday, which is an awesome bar unto itself.

I’m going back on Saturday to relive my love for Ava Luna. It will also help me pretend that SITE fest isn’t over (I don’t want to say goodbye!).

-Hannah Miet


Anonymous said...

so into video game soundtracks

Anonymous said...

J'aime Back To The Future!!