Sunday, March 15, 2009

Convoy Rocks Glasslands

Glasslands seems to be shrinking. Every time I go in there, they’ve added another bar, or level. They used to be BYOB or whatever else you had on hand. Ever since the powers-that-be made it such a slick, official venue, (to keep up with the rest of burgeoning Williamsburg) it’s lived up to its pseudonym “Assglands."

Glasslands is not a terrible place to see a show or occasional art exhibit. It’s far enough in the middle of nowhere to keep the greasy Jersey boys from reaching it on a Saturday night. It used to be called Glasshouse, on S 1st Street, where you could meet Dylan look-alikes and get smoked up after hanging off the punching bag suspended from the ceiling.

Friday the 13th, however, Artanker Convoy took the stage. Convoy put on a psychedelic light show, projected from the new second level. They had an avant-garde dancer on the scene. The set consisted of songs new and old, “Gotta find a way outta here/ Thought you knew the way out of here” (Arthur, if you know what song this is, send it to me please!).

Artanker Convoy @ Glasslands 13 March 2009

-Diana Kinscherf


Anonymous said...

where have all the junkies gone?

Anonymous said...

the convoy are great and put on better shows as time goes by

Anonymous said...

what will artanker do next?