Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pomp Obsessions - we're back!

All this latent cold weather makes me want to fly away somewhere... except for a few blissful moments playing in untouched snow and then cozying up in front of a space heater afterwards, the cold is a good-for-nothing beast which sinks teeth into the marrow of my bones and I want it out.
But other than hating on the cold, and blaming it on the rain (...nice) I've been busy getting obsessed with new things.
1) Friends as bloggers - never realized that one of your besties was a secret wordsmith until you found their blog by accident one night? Yeah... it happens. Some people are born to blog about things and have a naturally funny, endearing and adventurous voice. Then all of a sudden 20 entries in, you realize you know them, and that they've been hiding their brilliance from you all this time and you're a little bit hurt and a little hot and bothered and a lot of excited ... it's the voyeur in you.
2) Service Bell - try as I might, I can't get the Grizzly Bear featuring Feist version of this song out of my head. I love songs that paint word pictures, and this one paints me a Russian countryside filled with circus animals and trapeze artists swinging from branches while a mysterious person watches from far away, bell in hand.

3) Pink Dolphins - I know a narwhal video was featured not too long ago, but pink dolphins will give them a run for the gay-friendly-sea-creature title of the century.
4) Snuggie Pub Crawl - Pretty self-explanatory... I just heard about this, I want in!
5) - Paste magazine Editor-in-Chief, Josh Jackson, and some web developers just hatched this idea up one day and out comes - instant Facebook classic.

What are you obsessing over?



Hannah Miet said...

Snuggie Pub Crawl!? Oh man.

I'm obsessed with the Bar Award issue of L-Magazine. In particular:
-Best Bar To Witness Soon-to-be Park Slope Parents Sip Pricey Wine and Talk About Radiohead (winner=Brook-vin)
-Most Likely Bar at Which to Find a Sideburn Hair in Your Impeccably Made Cocktail
(winner=The Jake Walk)

Royal Young said...

Rooftop pools and Jews

Anonymous said...

I do wish

Anonymous said...

hahaha those L magazine bar awards are hilarious

Anonymous said...

i'm also feeling the Bushwick SITE events which are happening right around our neck of the woods...

Daily Dose said...

Yes! Coverage of Bushwick SITE events coming soon.....

pants said...

Can't stop thinking about corned beef.