Thursday, November 5, 2009

Before I Self Destruct

For a nerdy Jewish bookworm growing up in New York's Lower East Side, 50 Cent may seem like an odd role model. Yet, my eccentric artist father's decision to social work to support his family made me determined to be the famous artist he never was. I now am a preschool librarian, a strikingly similar day job. 50 Cent continues to inspire me. "Get Rich Or Die Trying" is a motivational message, an OG New York attitude that has gotten me through drug abuse, living in crack dens and rejection after rejection from every major NYC magazine and newspaper. 50's survival against all odds, his savvy business persona and the fact he is still wearing doo rags while Jay-Z indies it up behind Wayfarers makes me stick to my Gats. Now, I am published, clean and constantly trying to help others understand that in true passion there are no "ifs." We may not all run the risk of getting shot nine times, but if you're real, life without art is never an option.


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Anonymous said...

Wow never thought 50 could be inspiring til now