Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Challah Back

Jews have survived a lot--Slavery, Genocide and bad lox. Heeb Magazine's brilliant anthology "Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish" (Hachette Book Group) brings together a range of racy personal essays which illustrate true Jewish triumphs. Whether getting masturbating lessons, beating breast cancer with Benzos or going undercover for the Mossad all the authors share a shocking resilience and readiness to confront their pain. I kvelled, I shvitzed, I plotzed. I came to terms with my own Hebrew clan of artists and psychotherapists, who has always believed through confession we can overcome my heroin addicted Rabbi, my insistence I only got Bar MItzvahed for the cash money, my teenage poetry published on an anti-Israel website and the fact I am writing about all of it on a blog.

Heeb Magazine will be having a reading this Thursday featuring fantastic authors from "Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish" including the talented OCD Abby Sher, who we have been covering on Pomp. Since we are also throwing our Post Apocalypse Survival Party that night with free Lucid Absinthe and Andrew WK, I can't tell you to attend Heeb. BUT, if you feel like party hopping, these two are an awesome place to start,



Anonymous said...

i'm totally party hopping! challah back!! ;)

Dorri Olds said...

OMG! i love this post!