Monday, November 9, 2009

Survival Soundtrack 1

In honor of our issue-release party, ten short, sleepless days away - (That's November 19th for the mathematically, or calendarly challenged.) - I will be posting our very own editors picks of Survival songs that we believe capture the current mood of overcoming very well.
Let's start with, Julian Plenti. Better known as Paul Paul (from) Interpol. Sure, some of the songs on this album are like Interpol flashbacks, but this song somehow isn't. This song perfectly captures, say, a very strange, slightly hellish and overall transcendent family vacation in Spain.



Anonymous said...

very repetitive, yet somehow leaves me soaring. like button.

Anonymous said...

tell me more about this partyyyyyyy

Royal Young said...

Post Apocalypse Survival Party is going to be sick!
You can RSVP to