Friday, December 18, 2009

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There are movies you see for the plot, and movies you see for the cast. For me, “Did you hear about the Morgans?” new rom-com starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant was the latter. Who cares about the silly premise (a high-powered Manhattan couple rediscover their romance after they relocate to the Wild West) when those two superstars are involved? Not this girl. Off I went to the film’s Monday night premiere to find out just how much fun they had making it.

“It was wonderful,” gushed stunning SJP, clad in black confection by hot new designer Sophie Theallet. “I loved working with Hugh, I loved the director. It was just a really nice way to spend 4 months.”
Indeed, who would object to spending a few months with Hugh Grant? Certainly not Mary Steenburgen, who portrays “a rough-riding, bad guy-catching, rifle-shooting Western woman” in the film.

“Hugh and I had a little giggling problem,” revealed Steenburgen, with hubby Ted Danson by her side. “I don’t know what happened, but we brought out the worst in each other.”

If the Santa Fe set of the film sounds like it was all fun and games –that’s because it was. According to Kim Shaw, the adorable up-and-coming actress who spends much of the film in cut-off shorts and a cowboy hat, the cast “played lots of games off set, like 'Running Charades' Mary Steenburgen’s favorite!”

Jesse Leibman, who makes his big-screen debut as Hugh Grant’s assistant, even told me that famous funnyman Bill Murray “crashed” the film’s New York set one night. But for all the cast’s merrymaking, they had some serious praise for the leading lady. “I found Sarah Jessica to be genuinely enchanting,” cooed Grant, oozing his trademark British charm. “She was very kind to me, very supportive. She nurtured me, and was always nice about the clothes I was wearing.”

If it seemed that Grant suffered from the same problem I do –thinking of SJP and her alter ego, the clotheshorse Carrie Bradshaw, as one in the same –who could blame either of us? For there was her “Sex and the City” comrade Cynthia Nixon dashing down the red carpet in a Miranda-worthy Armani frock, and… wait, is that Kim Catrall? Holy Manolos – it was!

And before my very eyes, SJP bumped right into Catrall, pulled her in for an affectionate hug, and let out her signature Carrie squeal –all the while I stood there wondering, why would anyone ever want to leave this city? Stuff this good only happens in Manhattan.

-Linley Taber
Entertainment Editor: Lori Bizzoco

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