Friday, December 4, 2009

Face OFF???

OMGZ! It's true, Coke zero in a brilliant marketing tool has decided to bring together doppelgangers from all over the world.
What does that mean, say you?
What it means is that you can go through the Coke Zero website, then connect through Facebook (in a do you trust this app way? where you have to ask yourself what Coke Zero is getting out of it, and the answer is probably valuable consumer info and insight, but who knows?) where they then go through all the hundreds of other people who trust the Coca Cola corporation (naive, but sweet) and they show you your Doppelganger.

Now I have seen doppelgangers of most of my friends, but said friends are usually far away and don't get to see the evil (or sometimes good) version of themselves. This allows you to not just stare awe-struck into the face of someone that looks like you, but allows you to strike up a conversation, talking about how you guys look the same.
I haven't actually done this yet, because I am certain that if I met or even gazed at the countenance of my double, the world would end. And it's so not 2012 yet.
But still, the fact that I can do this, scares me. The wonderful power of the internet, and companies with disparate websites that have nothing to do with coca-cola.


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Megan Marie Metzger Preston Esquire said...

My doppleganger's a painting. She doesn't say shit!