Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed in

The snow makes the holiday seem more real, and pressing. If I could choose one day to be Christmas, it would probably be yesterday. Snow outside and cozy inside with chili and punch. The party ends but hot toddies continue and we eat magic brownies and have a rooftop snowball fight while listening to people playing in snow and laughing as hard as us all over town. And by town I mean Bushwick.
Oh and this clip made me laugh so hard it hurt. The Soup is such a great way to keep abreast of hilarious reality show moments without having to watch entire depressing blocks of said shows.



Anonymous said...

why does she say it like that? this made me lmaorotf

Anonymous said...

Joel is the best Soup host of all time.

Anonymous said...

oh god this made me laugh out of my vagina