Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Circumsise Me

Even Yisrael Campbell admits getting circumsised three times comes closer to "fetish" than ritual, yet there is nothing morbid about Campbell's spiritual quest and conversion to Judaism. The star of one-man show "Circumsise Me," Campbell was born to “a manic-depressive Italian woman and a pathologically silent Irishman which makes me wildly emotional in a very quiet way.” His acerbic wit more closely resembled the Jews of my childhood than his peyes, long black coat and tfillin, but both physical and mental transformation had been Campbell's life-long quest. The story of his search is a tragicomic confession, spilling out with all the cadence and shoulder shrugging of our tribe. Is this public play entirely Kosher for a man who's gone under the knife thrice to be inducted into Orthodxy? Maybe not, but I've always loved bacon.



Anonymous said...

wow. three times! how is that possible? or do i have to see the play?

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