Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daily Show Examines New Republican Talking Point: "No Terror Attacks Under Bush Administration (Except 9/11, Which Obviously Doesn't Count)"

Over a month ago, I raged with righteous indignation about how former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino made the argument that Bush was better for national security than Obama because there hadn't been any terror attacks on Bush's watch.

Right. Except that one.

Apparently the worst terror attack in U.S. history doesn't count.

Well, it seems as though Ms. Perino was test-marketing that idea as a Republican talking point, because the talking heads are out in full force saying that Bush didn't have a single terror attack on his watch.

It gets better: When talking about Obama's record, the Underpants bomber counts, even though he was stopped, but the shoe bomber (under Bush's watch) *doesn't* count.

If it was just a few people having a conversation at a bar, it would be easy for me to roll my eyes and walk away from the conversation. But I'm all worked up about this because Fox is *broadcasting* this transparently ridiculous lie to millions of homes across the country. And call me a pessimist, but I think there are plenty of Americans dumb enough to believe it. And to repeat it to their friends and relatives when discussing politics.

Even former NYC Mayor Giuliani, Mr. "9/11" HIMSELF, talks about Bush's record on terror as though 9/11 never even happened.

Please to enjoy the Daily Show take on all this nonsense.

I said it in November and I'll say it again: If your argument is only pursuasive if you neglect to mention 9/11, you need a new argument.

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Anonymous said...

Fox is also about to broadcast a show of just Sarah Palin, look it up I ain't lyin' (wish I was)