Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Future... is here?

"Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it" - Wall Street Journal

Everyone in this planet is all abuzz with the new Apple Tablet (iPad) in the first stages of it's press junket, and the question is: will this really be a game changer?

Some people, who aren't even in Apple's coffers has been tweeting and blogging about the device for days (because they were special and received the iPad in advance of the press release today, what about Pomp, Apple? We would have tweeted about it too... just sayin') and the word awesome was used a lot. Apparently there is a solar charger in the back (although the device will be mostly battery powered.) You can play wii games, and go on the internet, and apparently reading newspapers on it are much easier. This is where the device becomes a game changer, it's probable ability to make the e-reader marketplace more of a serious contender, by engaging more consumers because of it's Apple namesake.

I don't have all the goods, but some pictures and a link to all the people tweeting about it can do better than my biased opinions anyhow. Although the tweets range from the unimpressed: "Haven't seen anything that special about it yet." To the commercially promising, "I just want to see how much it costs and I'll get it, swearz!" (apparently $599 and $799 depending on how much memory you want)

For the curious, check out the live streaming video here.
Check out the twitter-mania here.



Anonymous said...

this shit is bananas! like all other apple products, i would just wait for it to become relevant before freaking out. i mean, if you have a laptop and an iphone or a blackberry and an e-reader would this really be neccessary?

Anonymous said...

Love that WSJ quote. So appropro.

Robert Dobbs said...

The iPad is a bunch of bullshit. Bad for computers, bad for users, bad for the future.

Annalee Newitz wrote arguably the most prescient analysis of what the iPad 'means'.

Robert Dobbs said...