Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fight for your Right

Sunday brought the hope of gay marriage to 6th Ave in NYC. Sadly, the rally did not attract the crowds I had hoped to see. Come on people, didn’t you read my facebook status? Also, the spirit of the crowd was subdued. This is NOT the persona we need to show the world. The LGBT community needs to let their true colors fly in fabulous glory. I did just that. I brought a big rainbow flag to show my pride. To my shock and delight, Gov. Patterson made a personal appearance, emphasizing his positive stance for gay marriage in New York State. The LGBT community not only needs to rally ourselves, we must reach out to our straight family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Reach out to all who love and embrace the LGBT community. Go to Broadway Impact to find out who the state senator is for your district. Contact your state senator urging them to pass the marriage equality bill. Encourage all your loved ones to contact their state senators. We need everyone’s help to bring about change. Everyone can talk a good game, but now is the time for action! Make every effort to attend marriage equality rallies in your area. We need people on the street to show the world we are united in our stand against discrimination.

-Eric G.


Anonymous said...

yeah i also wanted to see more people come out. show your support everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Gov Patterson is described as a bitch in Ny Mag. But a tough one!

Anonymous said...

seriously though. more people need to send letters to congressman. this is a civil right people! be loud about this shit! or stop complaining