Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not My People?

Walking around Union Square, being a big, fat consumer, I couldn't decide what color oxfords would be best: black or brown? What would be best for a lady who loves to wear color?! I asked a random girl who from a distance looked to have good fashion sense. "Brown. you know, all those L train people are always mixing it up- bird in your hat, whatever goes. You gotta mix it up. It's ok,” she advised.

I can't decide whether the fact people consciously acknowledge the L train fashion show is endearing or embarrassing. That *I* might be accused of contributing to the hipster-typical mania is something I am afraid to face. I don't even live in Williamsburg and probably ride the L train....thrice a month. Can I wear brown oxford shoes and avoid the label?

-Suhatcha Nuriyah Panya


Anonymous said...

Maybe not. Maybe brown oxfords now equal hipster. But as long as your yourself, you aint no hipster. That's what I say.

Donthatetheplayer said...

Seriously. Own yaself gurrl! Holla

Anonymous said...