Friday, June 19, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

Times are a'changin'. We all know this, and sit and wait for the changes to not completely overthrow everything we have worked for. And sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

Vague, I know.

Youtube, I hardly knew ye. One minute I am watching a dog on a skateboard, or a kid after his dentists appointment, and the next I am watching the only known footage inside Iran's insane political unrest due to their stolen election. (Here you can watch why Youtube thinks this is an important time for citizen reporting)

It's interesting how the internet, one great vehicle of transparency, has brought many politicians to their knees. There was the whole Mecaca debacle, then the YouChoose debates where people were able to ask questions. Is the whole internet transparency one of the reasons why we care about politics and the world again? Is it exciting getting news from sources like Twitter and Youtube because we know real people are posting them and there are no journalistic barriers to entry? Citizen reporting is an interesting enough genre, there is little journalistic integrity but somehow that gives it greater credibility.

What has been impressive is the amount of Iranian activists, just small scale activists trying to incite some change for the better in a country fraught with a troubled past. It's inspiring because they do so at great risk to themselves. Good luck and good night.



Anonymous said...

this youtube craze is finally making sense i guess. free speech in all its sordid glory.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating and important. When barricades block news from getting to the world it is amazing to see something that CAN BE as insipid as the internet inspire instead.

Anonymous said...

still though despite that...... they're nothing but a bunch of legitimately disaffected people who knowing the changes and reasons that brought the country to social upheavel in 1979 now have some sort inkling hope of changing their lot by demonstrations. But still its nothing small segment being cajoled by CIA operatives


Anonymous said...

or rather thats how I feel......Hate to be the buzzkill in an era so insipidly filled with shouts of change but I cant argue with myself nor would want with anyone else- Never argue with someone who knows they're right.

blah blah..1979 now have some sort OF inkling...blah blah