Thursday, June 25, 2009

See you at the Crossroads

OMGZ! No way did MJ and Farrah die on the same hot summer day. I was going to eat ice cream on a park bench and people watch until class time, but now... now I have to self-medicate.

Farrah Fawcett, perma-golden child, who I always thought looked strained and sad in her ubiquitous pin-up poster.

And MJ. King of the Lost Boys. Never had a childhood until he made his Neverland Ranch. But before that, he taught a whole generation how to dance, had a killer voice, and seemed so lost.

A super-talented, super-prolific friend has been writing a song a day, and wrote a great one of MJ.

It's a sad day.



Anonymous said...

all this news has been hard to swallow. i seriously looked up to michael jackson so so much. i went to one unforgettable concert in London.

Rizza said...

and i'm gonna miss everybody