Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Choose Your Own Religion

This group at
University of Texas giving out porn in exchange for Bibles, seems to be the typical: recovering Catholic sort. Rebelling hardcore against a faith they didn't choose. I get the rationalization there is a lot of violence in the Old Texts, but is it smut?

I have had the luxury to choose my own religion, literally. As a child who made a leap to faith even after my mom
handed me "The God Delusion" and told me religion was child abuse. Dad gave me a small mazeltov. My sister is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist and the other is a Pagan holiday Christian. I am still informing my faith, but I'd say I am a spiritually seeking Jew who's into yoga.

What it always comes down to, is let people choose. Condemning porn is just as bad as condemning religion, which is what this "atheist group" is doing. Not as rebellious as they thought.

-MIss A

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