Thursday, March 11, 2010

Story Pirates

So I have been hearing about these Story Pirates. A group of comedians and performers who make sketch comedy pieces and re-enactments of stories that children write. On their website they write that:

"Story Pirates is a nationally respected arts and creative writing organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people, to promote literacy as a vital part of early childhood education, and to preserve the spark of youthful creativity often lost in the transition to adulthood."

I thought that part was so interesting, because I remember always wanting to be a writer or something, and it was only because I loved stories. As a little girl I would always be making up stories and telling stories (unchecked, this can sometimes lead to a chronic lying problem... which has been resolved, I assure you). And more than that I loved hearing other peoples stories, just the way they told them was enchanting to me. More than anything, I loved how the telling was like a ritual. I would have to ask for the story pleadingly but not too desperately. The teller would argue and make up excuses but eventually sit on the end of my bed and fill my head with nonsense and faraway places.

Everyone has a story to tell, and I love that this Story Pirate organization is bringing that mantra to kids, because you forget the stories you used to tell as kids when you get older, and you wish you could remember. And what better way to remember than an event with John Oliver hosting and featuring Jon Stewart acting out these stories so we can all be transported.

March 21st, get tickets here.


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Anonymous said...

Just saw that on Larry King myself, I looked it up and it really is for a good cause. I will definitely be there, though I can't bid on Jon Stewart myself.