Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Umbrella Funeral

Poor Canadians in Brooklyn, they bypassed the beautiful spring weather and got here just in time for a winter backtrack and monsoon weather. Ah well, like I mentioned they are not very high maintenance so apparently Paul walked around with one of the broken umbrellas pictured below all day yesterday. They are only here for a couple of more days so keep your fingers crossed that they won't need to adopt broken umbrellas again any time soon!

Busted umbrellas in Brooklyn and Manhattan Monday, March 29, 2010.

Photos taken by Paul Galipeau on his Nokia cell phone. Visit his website, Le Champion Du Monde.


Anonymous said...

bringing back some bad memories from yesterday

clanchatti said...

unless they're from southern Ontario or Vancouver, i'm sure the Canadians are familiar with the perils of bad weather.
lovely pictures!
now i'm off to sit in the park with a tetrapack of wine and get drunk in the warm southern Ontario sun.