Monday, March 29, 2010

Opening Day: Coney Island

I have some Canadians staying with me in Brooklyn. They are the opposite of high-maintenance, very laid back and nice to have in the living room. After long days of studying and mini-meltdowns I get to come home and hear about their days and talk about mine. I don't ever want them to leave.
Yesterday, they went to Coney Island. It was opening day.

All photos (and thoughts) by Paul Galipeau. Check out his website.

Paul's Daughter...I wonder what her name is and also who is the mama?

Wonder Wheel. I think they closed early. There were a bunch of people coming out with Easter baskets when we got there though.

The beach.

Topless guy running.

Shoot the Freak: live human targets.

(Shout outs to Meaghan, Kastoory and Reanna.)


Anonymous said...

These images are captivating

Anonymous said...

Firstly, of course this place is getting shut down it's completely empty on opening day. But secondly, because of that these photos are unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

Some of the best photography I have seen on here. Beautiful work Paul.