Monday, March 22, 2010

Story Pirates Part 2

So the Story Pirates event was yesterday, and the founder was gracious enough to speak with me about his organization and allow for me to cover the event. The comedians were funny as is to be expected, Jon Stewart and Todd Barry worked the crowd. While Kristen Schaal and Jack McBrayer played in skits for the afterdark special (not for kids), and John Oliver MC'ed.

There was a balloon raffle (where yours truly won an awesome book about the transformative powers of karaoke), and an open bar with a classy food spread, so the Story Pirates know how to throw a fundraiser. Proceeds go to public schools underfunded in arts programs, a very serious problem with the recent threat of budget cuts.

The joy of theater is definitely something the Story Pirates express in every skit and sketch. Since Pomp is doing a longer print feature on the social business aspect of what they do with much more information... for now, all we can say is that a lot of cynics had their hearts melted yesterday, it didn't look comfortable but they sure looked touched. Do yourself a favor and let your heart get melted here (better than a facemelt... swear).


Anonymous said...

Comedy geek wetdream!

Kat said...

I just thought these people were glorified school assembly troupe, but it is much more poignant what story pirates does. I had a friend who went to this one who is a cynical douche and his mind was blown. I am definitely going next time.

Anonymous said...