Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bring It Back!

In seventh grade at my Chelsea middle school across from a gay bar called Rawhide, my Puerto Rican friend with a mushroom cut proclaimed his lunch time pizza was "Butta."

Urban Dictionaryhas a few definitions. In the Lower East Side of the mid '90s, it mostly meant:

"having a particularly illmatic quality; sweet; nice
'If lookin' good is like being on time, man, THAT girl is fifteen minutes early.'
'Yeah, she's butter.'"

This is also butter.

If brought back I propose we pronounce it "Butta" with a slight 'D' sound on the T's.

Should we bring it back?



Anonymous said...

I concur to this bringage.

Gem said...

I'll start the trend. No problem.

Also "Butterface"

Everything good "butterface"

Anonymous said...

yeah but i have some probs with butterface because it doesn't apply to guys, but lets face it, there are soooo many butterfaced guys. you can't say it's a butthisface, it takes away the butta

Anonymous said...

That first butter pic is really scary. Is that butter of the future or the past? Tell me its the past please!

Elijah said...

Something tells me the Young Puerto Rican with the illmatic pizza was Frank. Why Do i remember the names of these people.