Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Double Agents

On Friday, I met Suhatcha and Royal at KGB bar to hear Kate Walter read. “Tourguide to The Real New York” chronicled her niece’s visit from out of town, inevitably placing Walter in the role of tour guide to her own lifestyle. I dug Walter’s brusque honesty and bare bones storytelling style.

After the reading, we subway-ed to Brooklyn for Media Lounge, a digital arts festival at Grace Exhibition Space. Rob Bowman of BK Salsa performed with his band, The Blue and Red. They'll be partying with us and Posterboy plus DTs(?) at our 3rd Ward event.

I didn’t notice guests wearing 3-D glasses or the free wine, way too captivated by sheets hanging from light fixtures like electric jellyfish. These created make-out rooms in the middle of the floor, where you could escape the crowd to feel up a friend, gossip or smoke a bowl (not that I participated in any of those offenses, officer).

Media Lounge is essentially a party. The creators of the space are “whole heartedly dedicated to the open source aesthetic,” which sounds pretty good, though if you asked me to define, “open source aesthetic,” I would go hide inside those sheets. Their next goal, “striving to create a space where everything from the ideas to the drinks are free,” No objections, whatsoever.

-Hannah Miet

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Anonymous said...

i heart 3D music!