Monday, April 13, 2009

You're invited!

I know we've been vaguely hinting at some mysterious party we'll be having soon. What with talk of giftbags, djs and all things dance-y and springtime-y. We're finally ready to unveil the plans to you dear readers, you are our world.

So you may have heard of Poster Boy, we have too. We have an interview with him in the upcoming issue (due out in May!) and we wanted to collaborate on some sort of event. We came up with Brooklynnovation, and here is his take on what he wants the event to be: "This is not a show of [my] work. This is an opportunity to create [my] work yourself. This is for people who wouldn't normally partake in vandalism. The materials will be provided by [me]. Hopefully this encourages people to rethink advertising and their environment"

Pomp & Circumstance Party Invite from pomp and circumstance on Vimeo.

Shot by: Fury Young
Assisted by: Ayberk
Edited by: Dylan Thuras
Graphics by: Michelle Enemark
Actor: Royal Young
Concept : Stephen Bruckert
Producer: Kastoory Kazi
Music by: Peaches (New album out May 4th! We can't afford permission sorry!)

Be thurr or be squrr.

-The Editors


Anonymous said...

loves it!

Anonymous said...

this is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

holy crap! i'm thurr so i won't be squrrr

Anonymous said...

i love this video!!!! i can't waitttttt