Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fifteen Minute Flash

“Everyone Will Be Famous for 15 Minutes” Like every other New York dandy born after 1980, I love Warhol. He allows me to dream big, in fantastic colorama. This exhibition features polaroids of famous faces. Everyone is a celebrity. Viewers also have inflated egos, more talent than “anyone else” and damn it they SHOULD be adored.
-Baruch College/Sidney Mishkin Gallery, till 5/22.

“Mosqueteros” I personally prefer “Dear ol’ Papa Picasso,” for work from the later part of his life. Here we see a gentler, more vulnerable Picasso, but in no way has he lost his flare.
- Gagosian Gallery 21st Street, till 6/6.

“Love Monster” is street art I would hang in my bathroom. I’ve got raunchy taste. Aiko’s work is sexy.
-Joshua Liner Gallery, till 5/16.

“The Birth of Expressionism in Dresden and Berlin” left me in love with German expressionism. I first discovered artists Ernst Kirchner and Erich Heckel as a teen. What raw, free, feeling! What courage! What intuition!
-The Neue Gallery, till 6/29.

"To me his paintings are elements in a larger, continuous conceptual performance piece about being gay in twenty-first-century America.” Says New York Times art critic Holland Cotter of Hernan Bas “Works from the Rubell Family Collection.” His historical contribution to gay history is great, but I love his dynamic images for themselves. I dig the way he takes classical, romantic imagery, dashing it with Goths and references to Oscar Wilde and The Hardy Boys.
-Brooklyn Museum, till 5/24.

Nicolas Darrot’s “Fuzzy Logic,” features a parrot with an electric helmet and a mariachi skeleton on a horse.
-Cueto Project, till 6/20.

-Suhatca Nuriyah Panya

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i think i'm definitely going to check out love monster, that's hot