Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bizz

Woodstock met the Hamptons this past weekend at Sir Ivan Wilzig’s Castle in Watermill, New York.

As soon I arrived on the estate and walked through the iron-gate leading to the castle, the picturesque event began. To the right of the entrance, we were greeted with a grand four-story projection screen of Sir Ivan’s performance. To the left, massive faux white daisies lined the walkway. Dozens of white linen sheets and heart-shaped pillow-hassocks scattered the ground. Black lights, psychedelic outfits and a steaming u-shaped infinity pool added to the ambience.

Even though Sir Ivan is the son of the late Siggi B. Wilzig, a self-made millionaire and oil tycoon, CASTLESTOCK raised money for The Peaceman Foundation, an organization Sir Ivan began to combat hate crime and assist sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Siggi B. Wilzig was a Holocaust survivor who spent two years in Auschwitz and Mauthausen death camps where sixty relatives were murdered. Penniless, he immigrated to the United States and built a banking empire. Although never officially diagnosed with PTSD, he suffered symptoms.

Now, Sir Ivan, dressed from head-to-toe in white and sporting a long cape, serenaded guests with the first single off his new ‘60s inspired album, I Am Peaceman.

-Lori Bizzoco
(Additional Photos: Jakes van der Watt)


Anonymous said...

Whoa is that Tila Tequila in purple wings??

Anonymous said...

Love the contrast between Peace party and dark family past!

Anonymous said...

Love the story about Holocaust survivor who can overcome all obstacles and succeed..

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