Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Epcot Starfields
Release Date: September 15
Label: Friendly Fire Recordings
File Under: exuberant, wildly imaginative chamber pop

Sometimes, a single memory can sum up a pivotal moment in life, or even life itself. For Windmill, aka the London-based Matthew Thomas Dillon, a childhood trip to Florida's EPCOT Center provided the inspiration for his entire second album, a record about "embracing the perfect moments in life and recognizing the sadness of everything passing in the moment of our death." Epcot Starfields Epcot Starfields was recorded in solitude, in a tiny bedroom with the lights dimmed, in a process Dillon describes as being "on the boundaries of madness," but sounds like it comes from a much a bigger, uncharted place, a fact that is reflected in the album's sweeping strings, cascading pianos, lush production, and Dillon's unmistakably unique vocal warble.

Listen for yourself: "Big Boom"

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EPCOT rules!!!