Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bizz Buzz

I never have to wonder how my little Buddy feels about me. The second I walk in the door, my Spaniel throws himself at my feet. He’s the funniest guy I know, so imagine my excitement when I heard that Comix was holding a comedy show for animal lovers! The ASPCA van—with a license plate that said, ADOPT US—was parked outside, containing dogs and cats whose eyes pleaded, “Pick me.” I was tempted to bring every one of them home but my stiff Co-op board would stamp an ixnay on that.

Pre-show, I stood out front and spotted a blind guy with a seeing eye dog. “What brings you here?” I asked. He told me he’s a comic. I asked if he was in the show but he said, “No, I just stopped by to say hello to Jimi.” He was referring to Jimi Celeste, our host. “If you see him tell him Brian Fischler says, ‘Hey.’” “Where have you worked?” I asked. Brian whispered that he actually had a show coming up at “Laugh for Sight.” “Why are you whispering?” I mimicked his soft-spoken voice. “I don’t want to take anything away from tonight, don’t want to step on any toes. Comedians tend to be … uh … sensitive.” I told him that I heard that comedians were some of the most depressed people in the world. Brian’s response, “Yeah, and I’m blind on top of that.”

(Brian Fischler with his seeing-eye dog will perform on November 16th at Gotham Comedy Club)

The evening’s jokesters included Seth Herzog, Marc Maron, Nick DiPaolo, Robert Kelly, Amy Schumer, Jim Norton, Lynn Koplitz, Ben Bailey and Pete Corelli. All the cut-ups were tall, towering over my 5’2” frame. I imagined their dogs were all Bull Mastiffs and Great Danes.

(Host Jimi Celeste with extremely tall attendee Matt Wayne, The Celebrity Magician)

(Mark Maron with Megan Raloff)

(Marc Maron performing)

(The show kicked off with band The Enablers, best known for their song made famous by Denis Leary, Asshole)

My face hurt from laughing by the time I got home. The funniest performer of the night was Robert Kelly. With a shaved head and bit of a gut, he spent most of his jokes on his own appearance. He’s from Boston and best known for his ongoing comedy show, Tourgasm.

This event was made possible by the founder, Jimi Celeste, and a hosting committee of stars including Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Brooke Shields and Joan Rivers. The proceeds were donated to the ASPCA.

-Dorri Olds
Photos by Dorri Olds
Entertainment Editor: Lori Bizzoco


Anonymous said...

I want puppies!!!

Sally Wendkos Olds said...

Terrific article -- sounds like a fun event. Love the pix too!

Anonymous said...

For someone who isn't a big animal lover...this sounds like fun. Great writing. I loved how you started out with personal angle and then took us through the event so that we felt as if we were there! very cool.

Anonymous said...

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